Kira Small - 3 AM


Produced and Mixed by Neilson Hubbard. Mr. Lemons Studio, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Jim Demain. Yes Master Studios, Nashville, TN
Photos: Stacie Huckeba
Design: Keith Brogdon & Thinking Out Loud Design

Danny Mitchell – Rhodes, Wurly, Organ, Piano, Flugelhorn, Trumpet, Harmonium
Brian Allen - Bass
Johnny Duke - Guitar
Evan Hutchings – Drums
Roy Agee - Trombone
Doug Mosher - Saxophone
Kevin Terry - Cello
Lo Carter - Vocals
Marcia Ware - Vocals
Kira Small - Vocals, Rhodes on “Cover My Mirrors”


All songs by Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP) except

“Learn To Forgive” by Kira Small/Amy Speace - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)/Amy Speace Music (ASCAP)

1. Attention (4:55)

2. Send Him Home To Me (4:13)

3. On The Inside (3:58)

4. For Love's Sake (4:19)

5. Stuttgart (3:39)

6. 3 AM (4:27)

7. Fire Starter (3:39)

8. Cover My Mirrors (4:43)

9. Learn To Forgive (4:07)

10. Gift That Keeps On Giving (4:00)


Deep gratitude to:

Musicians: Neilson, Danny, Brian, Johnny, Evan, Lo, Marcia, Roy, Doug and Kevin for bringing it like bosses. Just gorgeous, every one of you.

Pledgers: Jim & Sherry Holewka, Heather “continually rocks my face off” Hazel, Holly B. McConaghy, Paul Rose & Nancy Ekman, Terri Rodriguez, Chris & Jo Forrest, Debbie Boston Setliff, Al Reese, Michelle Hittner, “Hot Chocolate” Jeoffrey R. Hutcherson, Solveig Whittle, @tapps, Marilyn Arnott, Elva Jones-Hahn, Mama & Papa Weh, Bethlyn & Keil Gerard, Dennis & Tammy Double, Bandit & Nancy, Beth & Paul Moore, Doug Mael, Mac Puckett, Saul Mendelssohn, Karen Bradley, James “teebes” Kelso, Mark & Joan Giles, Ginger Dean Cargal, Jason Alberts and all the rest who joined the cheer squad. I love your faces!

Family, blood and chosen: Amy Speace, Doug & Telisha Williams, Whit & Al Hill, Brandon Smith, Elizabeth Butler, Mare Wakefield & Nomad Ovunc, Vickie Carrico, Bruce Dees, James & Laura Saez, TJ Lambert, Jerry & Norma Roberts, Jeoff Hutcherson, Sarah Koneazny, Dionne Lea, Abby Johnson Phillips, Dawn Stark and Tracy Apps for standing like warriors. East Nashville Song Salon for safe space and ass-kicking. Nick Beatty, Peter Cooper, Marilyn Arnott and Jim & Connie Caven for above and beyond-ness. McConaghys (Lee, Leah, Holly, Dylan & Amelia) for all of the above + roots, wings and steadfast love. Helen Edwards for being love and strength personified and Lucian the Wondercat for filling my life with orange fur and exquisite assholery for 17 years – I miss you both every day. Glen Pangle for being the real prize - all my heart, honey.

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