For Love's Sake

© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)


Today I watched you turn and walk right out my door

You couldn't even say goodbye

All I heard were suitcase wheels upon the floor

Is that what love sounds like when it dies?


Almost begged you not to go but held my tongue and stood my ground

Was there anything I could have said to make you turn around


There's a morning coming when you'll wake

And wonder if leaving was your worst mistake

And on that day I hope it's not too late

For love's sake, For love's sake


I always said you were my one and only

You said I was your one true love

Now you're leaving me here lonely

Was one true love just not enough?


Now you're off to climb a mountain, hopin' it's where salvation lies

Baby how have you forgotten you once found it in my eyes?




Love's the thing that sets us all free

So even if you never come back to me