Learn To Forgive
© Kira Small/Amy Speace – Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP) /Amy Speace Music (ASCAP)

Sorting evidence as if there was a trial
Like there could be a winner in this case
I traded forward motion for denial
Couldn't see the role I played

How long can you keep someone around
Who left long before he walked out of the door
He didn't want to be here anyhow
How am I supposed to get up off the floor

Slowly, angry, reluctant and wary
But necessary
To see a thing for what it really is
Maybe this is how you learn to forgive

Didn't want to let him off the hook
But it was me who was tangled in the line
Maybe that's exactly what it took
To get sick and tired of being sick and tired

Weary, but bravely facing what's scary
The part that's mine to carry
And stop blaming him for doing what he did
Maybe this is how you learn to forgive

Every single one of us is broken open

Steady, stable, finally able
To be grateful
For accepting that my path wasn't his
Not seeing it as something that I missed
Trusting there's a better way to live
Maybe this is how you learn to forgive