Send Him Home To Me
© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)


Lately when you're looking in the mirror

You tell me what you see there isn't true

You've been feeling like you lost yourself

Well I lost someone too, the man I thought I knew

And if that never was the real you


Who put a ring on my hand and said “I'll love you all my life”

Who whispered “I can't live without you by my side”

I miss the man you said you'd be

If you see him, send him home to me


There's more than just this kitchen table here between us

Seems you've made up your mind

I can't stop you if you're leaving

I'm looking in your eyes, but I don't recognize

Who's telling me goodbye


Cuz that's not who ran to my arms and couldn't hold me close enough

Who said he'd never felt anything deeper than this love

I miss the man you used to be

If you see him, send him home to me


If he's out there somewhere, lonely and frightened

Tell him I'll leave the light on


For the man with a heart as true as his word

Who'd never dream of leaving me all alone and hurt

If that's the man you'll never be

I'll let you go, I'll set you free

But if you see that man, send him home to me