© Kira Small - Kilyrann Songs (ASCAP)


I passed a sign for Stuttgart

On a highway somewhere in Arkansas

It was two days since you'd left me

And every bit of me was raw


Down the road a billboard ad for Pensacola

Starting soon – 3 flights a day

I can see you kneeling by the water

Offering a ring and promising you'd stay


And oh....there's nowhere left to go

Nowhere left to hide

Even when I close my eyes

I see your face before me

Feel your arms around me

How can you be gone...

And still surround me?


Made my grocery list this morning

And I looked down at the pen in my hand

It was from that hotel in Lake Tahoe

Where we made love and then made love again




I think back on the summer

When I touched down in Germany

Where you were waiting there in Stuttgart

With open arms for me