I may have out-nerded myself with this one. I transcribed horn parts and a clarinet solo. There are hats and hairdos involved. I'm a weirdo. BUT SUPER JINGLE CHRISTMAS FUN TIME!!!

I'm not new to being a weirdo. I had pink hair when I was in junior high. I've been to one football game in my life (also junior high). I've never been to Disneyanywhere and there are a bunch of movies that EVERYBODY has seen but me. But I know a crap-ton of old songs that nobody else my age does, cuz ever since I was young I was soaking up old music like a sponge. Methinks there's a correlation. I had a Johnny Mathis tape I used to fall asleep to each night in middle school (in the 80's). I went mental over The Monkees when VH-1 started showing them and might have gone to see them 5 times (in the 80's). That led me to The Beatles, The Who, The Mamas & Papas (in the 80's). And even in my early teens I recognized the magic in standards - between Linda Ronstadt's Nelson Riddle Orchestra album and the Ella & Sarah records that my jazz ensemble director turned me on to I was hooked. Somewhere along the way I found the Andrews Sisters, and they were in heavy rotation in my walkman from then on. Yeah I said walkman. I'm old.

So when I decided to do a Christmas song, this one leapt out at me with high #singernerd potential. Brain: "Whoa, dude - you could be all three Andrews Sisters AND Bing Crosby...and double-whoa - you could do all the horn parts...." *cue nerd boner*  Some people bake/craft/garden, I transcribe horn parts (or close enough to cover in three parts) and clarinet solos....which, by the way, might actually be my favorite moment in this video. That shit was hard but I got it and it made me stupidly happy. Botched a few other notes, but left those mistakes in cuz cats will only cooperate with my shenanigans so many times. Delighted to say I managed cameos of both of them here. Here's the original Bing/Andrews Sisters version if you wanna listen and compare.

If you're here for the first time and are wondering "what is this chick's deal?", here's what started it all. Want to suggest a song for next month's video? Click the button at the bottom to send me your idea! Comments section is always open and I love hearing from folks there. It's been a tough year,'s hoping this holiday season brings you some peace, joy and love. And maybe a clarinet solo. 

jingle horns