Hi. I have several things to share with you, some location specific so please look to see if I'm specifying at YOU....

1 - video of me singing the national anthem at the Nashville Sounds game
2 - Reminder about upcoming WI shows
3 - Possible solo show in Chicago on 9/3 (Labor Day)
4 - House concert host search in NC/VA for duo show w/Bryan on Sunday 9/23
5 - Adorable Hubby on cover of Bass Player Magazine 

But first.... I WON!!!!! Look:

"I Will Raise My Voice" won the 11th Annual Independent Music Awards VoxPop poll in the gospel song category. This is a lovely honor that I will proudly display everywhere I can. Most importantly, it's direct evidence of folks who have been touched by that song stepping up and saying so. I am most grateful for that. To all of you who voted - THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! 

Here's my happy little video if you'd like to see it again.... 

On to the other stuff:

1 - STAR-SPANGLED GIRL SCOUT - I sang the national anthem at the Nashville Sounds game this past weekend. (Watch video here) It was extra fun for two reasons: 1 - it was Girl Scout night and they needed a former Girl Scout. I fit that bill. 2 - the Sounds are the AAA farm team for my hometown Milwaukee Brewers (I was a HUUUGE fan as a kid).  I musta done good, cuz as I passed the dugout on my way back to the stands I got a fist bump from one hunky player who said "Best one all year!" while another wordlessly offered me two pieces of bubble gum.... Bryan said he wished he had a picture of my ridiculously swoony face. I kinda do too...

2 - UPCOMING WISCONSIN SHOWS - I'm playing 2 house concerts in the Milwaukee area (w/special guest Tracy Apps, percussion ninja!). Seating still available at both - write me back if you're interested in attending either. Visit my website calendar for more info. 

Friday 8/31 - Butler, WI - house concert
Saturday 9/1 - Sussex, WI - house concert
Sunday 9/2 - Unitarian Universalist Church West - morning service music

3 - CHICAGO LABOR DAY SHOW?? - I have a willing host who'd love to have a house concert on Labor Day (Monday 9/3) if enough people are around and would like to come. Show of hands, Chicago people.... ??

4 - NC/VA HOUSE CONCERT HOST ON 9/23?? - It would appear that Adorable Hubs and I have room in the calendar (and the van) for one more duo show this year. Specifically, Sunday 9/23. Bryan's got bass clinics in Raleigh, NC on 9/22 and Blacksburg, VA on 9/24 so host would have to be within 4 hours of both of those places for it to work. Places like Richmond, Roanoke, Charlottesville.....Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Asheville.... Anybody interested? Got a friend who might be? If so, let me know. Hidee-hidee-hidee-ho. 

5 - ROCK STAR HUBBY ON COVER OF BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE!! - Realizing a life-long dream, Adorable Hubby Bryan Beller is on the cover of the October issue of Bass Player Magazine. I'm SO proud of him and believe he more than deserves the honor. The outpouring of love and congratulations he's received are proof that I'm not alone in that sentiment. Click here to see pic and read his blog about it. (For extra entertainment and insight into our weird lives, scroll down a few posts to read about the Dethklok/Lamb of God tour that got cancelled a week before it was supposed to start....frickin' rock & roll, man...)

Your prize for reading all the way to the bottom is this video of Lucian the Wondercat talking to the birds....one of the many ways he entertains himself while I'm at my desk writing these things to you. You're welcome.  

You are lovely and I'm glad you're here.