So I was having a pity party for myself a week ago, because Adorable Husband was headed out on the road and wouldn't be back for two months....and my chronic back pain was flaring up...and I grew a damn bunion (WTF??).... and....well....harumph!! I'd had it with my week and planted myself on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry's in one hand and a pint of something else in the other.

...when I got an email asking if I'd be available to go on the road with Martina McBride for a month-long Christmas tour as part of a 4-piece background vocal group. I said yes. 

Here is the schedule, please visit my website for more details on any of the dates:

11/23 - Atlanta, GA
11/24 - Norfolk, VA
11/25 - Roanoke, VA
11/29 - Green Bay, WI
12/1   - Milwaukee, WI
12/6   - Kingston, ON
12/7   - Westbury, NY
12/8   - Williamsport, PA
12/9   - West Long Branch, NJ
12/12 - Springfield, IL
12/13 - Pittsburgh, PA
12/14 - Albany, NY
12/15 - Lowell, MA
12/17 - Fayetteville, NC
12/20 - Kansas City, MO
12/21 - Chicago, IL 

Well GREAT. Now I have a whole NEW set of problems! My plan to spend Thanksgiving week w/Adorable Husband on the Dethklok tour won't work cuz Martina's tour starts the day after Thanksgiving. My next plan to move that visit up was shortened by Martina's rehearsal schedule. My oh-so-cute plan to sneak over to oh-so-cute Chattanooga in December (when Dethklok has a show AND a day off) won't work cuz I'll be on Martina tour in Ontario....AND I won't be home when Adorable Husband gets home after two months....cuz I'll be on Martina tour in Jersey. I think we'll have like one day at home together before hubs leaves for Vladivostock, Russia for a few Aristocrats shows. Not sure if I'll be home when he returns or not.

Isn't it all just so awful??? My husband and I not able to see each other because we're playing dueling tour buses? I think I'll go sit in the hot tub and have a cry.


With a HUGE wink and a bus-load of gratitude,


PS - while we're both gone, little orange stinky-pants cat will be attended to (in the manner in which he's accustomed) by a good friend who stays at the house. Lest you were concerned......