It pains me greatly to say this...but Bryan has asked me for a divorce. I'm sure this news will shock most of you...I assure you I'm the most shocked of all. We've had our struggles over the years, but none that I felt were insurmountable or worth ditching our marriage for. Bryan doesn't see it that way. He can't see a way to get what he's longing for - solitude and being in California - while still being in this marriage. I won't go into detail any further, except to say that while I'm absolutely heartbroken, terribly sad, and more than a little angry...I am on my feet, sustained by an inner strength I don't think I've ever experienced before. Score one for being over 40, I guess.

I am surrounded by the most wonderful people in my life - friends and family that have shown up for me with warrior hearts, embracing me with tremendous love and support. So I am ok, all things considered. I have moved into a new place that I adore and am already writing songs for a new album. Fuel for songs is plentiful these days, as I'm sure you can imagine. Reckon I'll give Adele and Taylor Swift a run for their money in the Epic Break-Up Album category. 

I still and will always continue to celebrate Bryan's successes. He's earned every bit, despite the cost. I say that to give you permission to do the same. There's no need to feel like you have to choose between us when it comes to offering friendship or support. I'm grateful for having had you all along with me as I journey through life, musically and otherwise. Thanks for being in my world, and feel free to be in touch.

With love always,