Thankful for so very much these days...the grace that I am somehow showing myself during this changing season...friends that are showing their true & bright & beautiful colors all over the world (special nod to one in particular currently floating somewhere on the North Sea) that grounds me so very new home that feels like it hugs me every time I walk through the door.. Mike Keneally for leaving a guitar here years ago cuz now I know I needed it to write songs on...the gorgeous little orange beast sitting in my lap as I type who's been my witness in life and whom I love fiercely even though he's completely ignoring the mouse under the refrigerator and keeps throwing up on my sexy red couch...the blessing of music in my soul that sustains and lifts me when nothing else does...the epic glory of post-show dance parties on the tour bus that will happen very soon...and the sun for shining so bright on my porch this morning that I had to sit in a different spot to write in my journal, which allowed me to catch the glint of gold from my sunglasses that had been sitting in the yard since I thought I'd lost them last week while raking leaves. Sometimes all it takes to see what you need to see is to be turned completely around.