When did I get a blog? Woo-hoo! Thanks, website! Now I must think of something to say. Oh crap! 

So many times I've thought to myself "You know...why don't I have a blog? If I had a blog I could blog about what just happened." Alas, I can't remember any of those things I thought would be blog-worthy. The fact that the most recent time that happened was in Scotland a few weeks ago as we were busy sampling every wee dram the country had to offer probably has some bearing on that lack of remembering...uh, yeah. 

But beyond whisky-soakedness, there's something that just doesn't feel right about blogging after the fact. Like all relevance and authenticity are lost after some arbitrary amount of time goes by. Maybe there's a way to do it. "The Hindsight Blogs" or something. Figures I'd try to come up with some rules about it all...f*ck!! If I could just get over that compulsion I'd be in MUCH better shape. Well there's my first neurotic blog confession. How thrilling. And is it just me or is the word blog kind of ridiculous and silly-sounding? As I type this I hear my own voice speaking - until I get to the word blog - which is suddenly and consistently voiced by Kermit the Frog. Aaaand that would be n.b.c. #2. Man, this shit just rolls on out, I guess! Muppets in my head aside, now that I have someplace to write things before I forget them, I shall endeavor to be entertaining...or at least honest. That counts. Cheers, pals.