I have utterly failed in my "blog once a week" quest. Crap. Well, OK, not "utterly"...but in the "once a week" sense, yes. In the interest of preserving my mental health I am hereby forgiving myself and acknowledging that there are certainly more blog posts than there would have been had I not made that "once a week" declaration.

And now, in the interest of promoting my independent music career, I give you my most recent email about our upcoming tour. Cheating? Who cares. We're going on tour and we busted our asses to put it together. And there is important info I really want folks to know about how house concerts work.

Besides, this is your chance - if you're NOT on my mailing list, to see how hilarious and charming I am. There is also a picture of my cat. He's quite helpful. And by "helpful" I mean "not at all helpful, actually, but obnoxiously cute". Read please:

***sent 9/20/2010***

"My friends -

Holy frijole stromboli Jeff Spiccoli have we got a T-O-U-R coming up!! I'm not even gonna say anything else until I show you this:


10/15 - Plano, TX - house concert - very limited seating available (almost sold out!)
10/16 - Austin, TX - house concert - seating available
10/18 - Casa Grande, AZ - house concert - very limited seating available
10/20 - San Diego, CA - Lestat's
10/21 - Studio City (L.A.), CA - "The Low Show" @ The Baked Potato (w/Doug Johns & Roy Vogt)
10/22 - Chatsworth, CA - house concert - seating available
10/23 - Irvine, CA - house concert - very limited seating available
10/24 - Redwood City (SanFran), CA - house concert - seating available
10/26 - Arcata, CA - Mosgo's
10/28 - Portland, OR - The Camellia Lounge @ TeaZone
10/29 - Seattle, WA - house concert - limited seating available
10/30 - Bellevue, WA - BB bass clinic @ Mike Lull Custom Basses (afternoon) (co-sponsored by Bass Northwest)
10/30 - Aberdeen, WA - house concert @ Les Blues Music Company (evening) - seating available  
11/1 - Bozeman, MT - BB bass clinic @ Music Villa (sponsored by D'Addario)
11/3 - Bismarck, ND - BB bass clinic @ Eckroth Music (sponsored by D'Addario)
11/4 - Minneapolis, MN - house concert - very limited seating available
11/5 - Marshfield, WI - Vox Concert Series @ Wildwood Park Pavilion
11/6 - Madison, WI - house concert - limited seating available
11/7 - Des Plains (Chicago), IL - Tiki Terrace
11/9 - Omaha, NE - house concert - very limited seating available
11/10 - Kansas City, MO - house concert - seating available
11/11 - St. Louis, MO - BB bass clinic @ Guitar Center St. Louis (Bridgeton) (sponsored by D'Addario)


As Jillian Michaels says repeatedly on my fat-burning workout DVD, "I mean, really...?" Yes, Jillian, REALLY. As you can see, there are some traditional venue shows and Beller bass clinics on this tour, but there are more house concerts than anything else. (squeee!) Here's the thing I want you guys to really get about house concerts, OK, soPAY ATTENTION AND READ THIS PART:

THE DEAL WITH HOUSE CONCERTS IS THIS:  they're all technically private shows. But that does not mean you can't come to them! Because that would be just silly. ("We're doing this great thing! You can't come! Nya-nya-pppffffllltttt!!!" NOT!) They're private in that they're primarily in people's homes. We don't publicize our hosts' addresses out of respect for their privacy. They're private in that all of these events are by reservation only. Since each house has only so much space, we have to know exactly how many people are coming so we know we have room for them. They're private in that there is no "admission" charge - that would cross some home/business boundary lines, which is both a no-no and a buzzkill. Instead, a "suggested donation" amount is collected, going directly to the artists (that's us) which supports their ability to travel around and play for people (that's you).

The bottom line is we want you to come to a house concert! There might not be room at all of them for everyone who wants to come, but if we're coming to a living room near you and you'd like to see us, please send us a note to inquire. We think they're the most fun ever and if you've never experienced one you're missing out.


Of course the venue shows are wide open to the public - we want you to come to those too! :) And despite the name, Bryan's bass clinics aren't just for bassists. If you're a fan of his music, any of the folks he's played with (likeSteve VaiDethklokMike Keneally), or just curious about how a guy like him does what he does, come on out. Or if you just want to see us while we're in town and that's the only event on the schedule, come on down. I'll be there too, maybe even singing a song.

Updates and further info about ALL of these shows is available, as always, on the calendar page of my website. Please know that we couldn't do what we do without your support and love - thank you so, so much. See you on the road!!




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