Singer nerd is back with an up-do. And money.

Oh y'all....sorry I disappeared for a few months. That Hamilton video took it out of me!!! That was hard to top and I had to catch both my literal and metaphorical breath. But I'm back, yo! This is actually one of THREE acapella pieces I did in the last 10 days - two I planned on, and one that just kinda happened last minute cuz I was already in the groove. I'll tell you about those other two later. But let's talk Hall & Oates, shall we?

My friend Steve Lawson liked to greet people with this question: "Hall or Oates?" No intro, no explanation....just to see what they'd say. Steve's a whole bunch of funny and awesome and unique and we played a private party gig together IN FREAKING THAILAND once. It was crazy amazing and I blogged about it.  I don't remember how I answered Steve's question - probably a nervous, "Both? Can't we all just get along?" I am terminally Midwestern, after all, despite whatever bravado I display while typing or singing. ;)

My friend Becky Warren suggested this particular cover. Becky is currently kicking all the ass that's eligible for kicking on the heels of her HELLA GOOD album War Surplus. It's a concept album about an Iraq war vet and his girlfriend and it's DEEP, folks. She even let me sing on one track - a song called "Dive Bar Sweetheart". Yeah I don't know nothing 'bout that... (*whistles nervously*) The nice people at NPR played a snippet of that tune when they had Becky on All Things Considered for Veteran's Day. AND she's been opening for Indigo Girls, cuz NBD. Told ya she was kicking all the ass. Thanks for the cool idea, Becky!!

My friend Ed Greene played drums on this original Hall & Oates record. Ed's played on a LOOOOOOT of fricking records. Including mine! He and Bob Babbitt played on this track together - damn that was a fun day. Damn I miss Bob Babbitt. Damn I ain't seen Ed in a few years....time to call him and go have lunch and tell him how fun it was to attempt beat-boxing his "Rich Girl" groove.

This blog is apparently more about friends than nerdy singer shit. Fair enough. I put my hair up, bribed the cats and sang a bunch of notes. It was lots of fun, as usual. Hope you enjoy!

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