Singer Nerd lights some candles and wears every purple top in her possession cuz PRINCE.

I don't remember a time before singing. It was always there. My mom said I used to sing to myself in my playpen as a baby. I suppose it soothed me. It still does. When something hurts I sing it out. I had a Sesame Street record when I was about 3 and when I was lonely I used to put one track on over and over and sing along: "Somebody Come And Play". (I don't know how my mother didn't murder my little needy, dramatic ass, honestly.) I always like it better when I have people to play with. I do a lot of solo shows cuz that's what works logistically and financially....but when I get to play and sing with others? Hoooooboy that's my happiest of happy places. (My other happy places are dancing, swimming and frolicking in the snow. Which, if put into a blender, would result in a singing water ballet performance of White Christmas, I guess??? Dafuque... I swear I don't do drugs. Maybe I need to start.)

But back to singing - I fricking LOVE singing with people. Like down-to-my-spleen love it. It's one of the reasons I embrace all my background singer work. I'm currently on tour with Martina McBride's Joy of Christmas show. I get to sing with three other matchless BGV talents, killer players, and Martina's gift is as big as she is tiny (so tiny!!). (Bonus happy place points: we have dance parties on the bus, it's December so there's usually snow, and last week I had a hotel pool to myself. #winning) You've heard me talk about Lynda Carter's gig too - same deal - KILLER singers and players, and Lynda is a fricking superhero. But those gigs don't happen every weekend. Enter: #singernerd videos. WOO-HOO!!

I think the first time I saw this acapella app it was my friend Jason Eskridge singing a Prince song. It was right after Prince died and so many of us were reeling. He was such a singular talent, a true genius of an artist, and a HUGE part of the soundtrack of my younger life. I didn't understand people melting down when a musician died.....until Prince died and I was on the floor of a New York City hotel room sobbing. "Oh. I get it. You were there with me for all that time in my life....and now you're gone...." Music is powerful, y'all.

Martin Fioretti suggested this song. He found his way to me through my ex's music. I met lots of folks that way and I love how many of them stuck around and didn't leave when the ex did. The ex and I used to do a Prince cover in our duo shows.... I just remembered that. Huh. Anyway - cheers, Martin! Thanks for the suggestion.

Back to singing. Again. (#SQUIRREL!!) Prince's original record on this tune is really sparse - just him and piano and a few tasty BGV's and the teeniest drum beat in the background. I'm sure he did this all himself at 4 in the morning cuz that's how he rolled. I could have recreated the record with only 6 squares, but I couldn't resist slapping some extra BGV sassafrass on there BECAUSE I CAN. It soothes me. Is that weird? Maybe. Do I give a rats ass? Not even a little rat. Music is powerful, y'all. 

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