Singer Nerd soothes her weary, bunion surgery recovering soul with The Winans & Anita Baker.

Y'all.... I know. I've been MIA since December. I don't know what the hell happened. Big pile of life, I guess? I just looked back at my calendar to try to figure it out.... I found more traveling than I realized (or planned) in the last 6 months, more "hats" than I've worn in awhile, and a bunch of physical stuff that I've attempted to be proactive about. Which brings us to the precise location from which I am currently typing to you: 19 days post-bunion surgery, camped out in bed with my swollen foot wrapped in ice and propped up on ALLLLL the pillows. NOTHING makes a gal feel young and sexy quite like saying "bunion surgery"...with the exception of actually ENDURING said bunion surgery. Lemme tell you, friends, this recovery shit is not for sissies. 

First, though, a perspective disclaimer: while I'm about to do some confessional complaining, I am WELL aware of the first world nature of my situation. I am recovering comfortably in my lovely home with my lovely husband caring for me, my lovely kitties acting as "comfort squad" and lots of lovely friends visiting and checking in. (Including two who recorded their weekly radio show from my bedroom - lolz! click here for Wild Ponies' Whiskey Wednesday "live from Kira Small's king size bed") I am filled with gratitude for every one of these things and try to hold that at the front of my mind. I fail regularly. Aaaaand on we blog....

A few months back, knowing I would be home for 6 weeks recovering, I thought to myself "ooooo I'll have lots of time to make acapella videos then!" Time: yes. Ability: ha ha you funny. I knew I'd be laid up on pain pills for several days, and I knew I couldn't put weight on my foot for 4 weeks, but I did NOT know how exhausting every little thing would be with only one useable leg. Stuff like navigating the bathroom, getting dressed, brushing teeth....oy. And the shower? I need a pit crew. I've got this cool ass pirate peg-leg crutch contraption that frees up my hands, but regular crutches are simpler for short trips around the house (though my shoulder threw a pretty huge tantrum the other day thanks to them. meh.). I've been up and about a little more each day, but mostly the rest of my body is all "HEY LADY - WTF? PUT YOUR DAMN FOOT DOWN!" My foot just goes full-on diva in response: "I have been SURGICALLY ALTERED!! VIOLATED!! I am angry!! I am traumatized!! I DEMAND that you tend to my needs!!" So I lay back down. Again. Sigh. 

Needless to say, it's an exercise in patience. Also, relying on someone else to care for you is really fricking hard. Related: my husband is an absolute saint. We've both come close to losing our respective shit (shits? paging grammar police, swear division...) more than once. OK full disclosure: he came close, I actually unlocked the achievement. Repeatedly. #win? A few nights ago I started singing this song to myself to soothe my weary soul a bit. And my soul said yes. And so did my #singernerd brain. And a little light crept back in.

The next morning I peg-legged my way into my office to find some staff paper and a pencil and brought it back to my couch lair. Then I figured out how to use garage band on my phone (how long has that been there??) to work out the parts (protools in the music room was too daunting) and went low-tech with the earbuds cuz microphone set up was also more than I could muster. I overpower the poor little earbud mic a few times - sorry/notsorry about that. Kitties make appearances (on their own terms) and even my sweet hubby makes a cameo. It ain't perfect, but it sure made me feel better to do it. Thanks for meeting me where I am....on the dang couch with my diva foot in the air. 

I definitely want to get this series back on schedule. That being said..... Want to suggest a song for a future video? Click the button below. If you're here for the first time and are like "who is this crazy acapella couch lady??", here's what started the party. Comments section is always open, and I always love hearing from you there.  ;)