A capella at 75 mph - how singernerds do road trips

Driving through great swaths of land where there's a whole lot of nothing unwinds me. I think it should be a requirement for all Americans to drive across the country at least once just cuz. I found myself on I-40 west of Amarillo yesterday, as I'm making my way to CA for some shows this weekend. I'd just finished my third time through the "Hamilton" soundtrack in 4 days (sidebar: HOLY SHIT THAT IS THE MOST BRILLIANT THING I HAVE EVER HEARD) and was ready to just listen to road noise. Until my brain went "hey let's make an a capella video right now - we've got like 4 more hours on the road going in a really, really straight line - let's see if it'll work." My brain is a dork.

This is the result. It's short, it's un-fancy and has a lot fewer parts than my singernerd standards usually demand, but it was off the top of my head at 75 mph (which is the speed limit out there for any of you about to yell at me). My 24-year old truck is noisy, so I guess she gets BGV credits. Actually she gets a bunch of credit for being so fricking awesome and for being in my life for 24 years. I've spent more of my life with that truck than without. All hail "The Wife"! And since I was driving on what used to be Route 66, well..... 

Thanks to my buddy Joel Nadon for suggesting I do something Manhattan Transfer style - while he (and I) may have appreciated a more intricate arrangement, I know he'll appreciate the road dog spontaneity of this too. ;) Want to suggest a song for next month's video? Click the button below. Click here if you're like "what the what?" and want to catch up from the beginning.  Comments section is always open, and I always love hearing from you there.

*hits save* *has more coffee* *gets back in truck*