Cats are back (yay!) to help me with this Cyndi Lauper classic.

You guys....I SOOOOOO wanted to be Cyndi Lauper when I was 13. Anyone who knew me then will remember my pink hair and fluorescent clothes. (Sharing of photographic evidence of this phase of my life gets you extra credit.)  I thought she was super-neato back then, but as I got older I came to recognize and really appreciate what a shredding beast of a singer she is. And this song is just too good in the feels department. So much so that I got requests from TWO different people to #singernerd it up (big thanks to Jen Jeske and Mel Buckner!). Plus, I'm all about recognizing and celebrating true colors. So here ya go. 

It's nice to get back to your requests this month, and also to my ability to create arrangements and make notes/charts like I couldn't do while acapella-ing-and-driving last month. AND KITTIES!! Clara (tabby, top left) and Calvin (Siamese, bottom left) were pretty good sports about this one....until they were done sports-ing. Calvin even sneaks in a "put me the fuck down, lady" squeak after the 1st chorus. So I did. Favorite moments in this one: singing TO kitties (so gross, I know, but c'mon - look at 'em!), gospel-y BGV's in last chorus, yummy chord at the end. #Singernerd is satiated for now. However...

I already have next month's song picked out. If you read last month's blog, you'll know I listened to a certain soundtrack several times while I was on the road (5400 miles in 19 days, thank you very much). I'm *kind of obsessed (*utterly) - just ask my oh-so-patient husband, who's had to listen to it every time we're in the car together lately. Needless to say, there's one coming down the pike from that soundtrack because HOLY CRAP #SINGERNERD IS FREAKING OUT OVER IT. Don't let that keep you from suggesting one you'd like to hear, though - sometimes I need to marinate on stuff for awhile before an arrangement idea comes to me. And I haven't forgotten about previous requests either. Hey this is a great segue to the next paragraph - boing!

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