In a word: SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEALAMAZEBALLS. Watch the video/slideshow/combo below!!

Ok guys - I’m a shmuck for neglecting this for over a year. Stuff’s been happening. But stuff always happens, so that’s a lame excuse. (I have a few #singernerd ideas brewing and I PROMISE I’ll get back to that soon.) But for at least 11 days (13 if you count travel) this summer I had the most hella-dope excuse EVARRRR.

When my sweet hubby Glen got word he was being sent to Vung Tau, Vietnam for work, we decided to turn that into a “holy moly we’ve never been THERE before” vacation opportunity. Seeing Angkor Wat had been on his bucket list since he first read about it in high school. And I am pretty much up for a vacation to anywhere I’ve never been before. So off he went to work, and off I went onto the internet to plan us a DOOZY of a vacation.

I won’t take too much time here to talk about it - pictures say so much more (45 minutes more, in fact - LOLz!). That’s why I happily went over my data plan three fricking times - cuz I was having so much fun sharing our trip in relative real time via Instagram & Facebook stories. That’s what’s compiled into this video here (and why it’s in a vertically aligned format - you’ll get used to it after a minute.) What I will say: it was breath-taking, life-changing, and for the most part, hotter than 40 hells. But we wouldn’t take back a minute of it. And if you ever can’t find me, click through to the youtube video and use the links posted there as your road map of “where to look.” Forrealz.

I’ll leave you with this quote from our second to last night (footage above, of course): “We’re eating Mexican food and listening to a dude from South Africa sing American and British songs while simultaneously watching cricket match between India and Sri Lanka on TV above table of Japanese guys. In a craft brew pub at the beach outside Hoi An, Vietnam. That’s owned by a lady from Arizona. The world is fecking tiny, you guys. And huge too. GO SEE IT.”